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Review of Crescent Pre Primary School at Triveni Park Thaltej Ahmedabad

Crescent Pre Primary SchoolPre schools are considered as first milestone of tiny tots outside their home, a first step towards a long journey of schooling. Pre school is a place where little kids stay the 2nd most time outside their home. Crescent is a pre-primary school that runs in four standards – Pre Nursery, Nursery, Jr. K.G. and Sr. K.G. The school has airy and homely classrooms, very friendly teachers and the most lovable principal. Let’s talk about it in details.

(Updates: 15 Sep 2015) / WARNING / BITTER TRUTH : A simple advice to all parents – Try to take an admission in a big school from Nursery itself. Small schools do not have infrastructures, do not have trained faculties (degree holders), do not understand “actual need” of teaching systematically. We are facing problem of getting an admission to big school now. Our son is in Sr KG (2015 – 2016 batch) and we are not satisfied with his overall progress and performance this year. We regret now, why we haven’t taken his admission to big school last year! But now, we cannot do anything. Big schools (after Sr KG) generally do not distribute forms for Standard 1 (or even for Sr KG). They do not allow to enter into a school even for inquiry. When we ask them on phone, they just speak any month for admission process and if we call again in that month, they simply say that admissions are over now! (how?) Everything is done through references and direct connections (with trustees). No matter how much donation they take, how big their fees are – getting admission after Jr KG / Sr KG is REALLY tough. So, be aware of this situation and if possible, take an admission in nursery directly into a big school.

Another thing. I am writing this after 4 months of Sr KG experience. This school (and most probably all schools) give them “meaningless education” – what is that now? Let’s understand. One day, I asked my son – what is a spelling of a name “Ajay”? What is a spelling of a name “Kahaan”? What is a spelling of a name “Amar” and guess what? He could not speak anything right. Why? because they have not been taught but they have been pushed to learn “C – A – T = cat” , “B – O – Y = boy”. Ratta maaro aur sikho. Isse kehte hain education. When you do this as a part of “basic” education, how will you expect these toddlers to do any innovation for the country? Government is so good that they are announcing “Right to Education” / “Right to Information” kind of policies but then what schools are doing on the back stage is completely messing up with Government policies and contributing nothing to Indian education. Giving 1 Sachin Tendulkar, Saina Nehwal or winning a local quiz competition is not an achievement. Out of 125 Crore population, why do we have just few little role models? Why there are not a single role model per family or even per 100 families? School are at fault. Is this our business? No, for education, we have schools. What are their responsibilities then? arent we paying them to do their job? If you’re there for education, you BETTER focus on what you’re there for. Why even home work? we, parents are busy in our work (because we have our own profession). Schools, will you come to every parents’ home everyday? (NO, why? because you are in profession – school is your profession) – so if being in 1 profession, if you cannot spare time for us, then how come being in 1 profession (of ours), we spare time for something else (educating children, getting them to sit and FINISH homework everyday?) – HEY, its your job, its your duty and yeah, you’re being paid, you’re charging HEFTY fees for that from us. So, why dont you first do your job and focus on what you need to do.

In foreign country, there is a rule. As a school, you have to give admission to the children living in your area, as a priority and how good is that. Now, if we take this as other way in India, let’s understand this rule. If tomorrow, government announces – that schools have to drop children back to their house on their own expense. When children are at school, its school’s responsibility to drop them back. Now imagine, a student in a school at Thaltej coming from Vasna, Bapunagar, Navrangpura etc.. How will school cope up with the situation? Now understood the value of giving an admission to the children living closer to your school (as priority)?


You are already paying money for 1 thing – EDUCATION – then why still suffering for everything else like transportation, home work, uniform, picnics etc?

Oh, on uniform – they print their logo – that means advertising their school – but then why do we pay for that? This means logically, we are paying them to advertise their school? LOL 🙂


Now, continue reading further ….

I knew about Crescent Pre Primary School located in our Thaltej (Ahmedabad) area for the past few years. Our little son Kavil, for whom we were looking for a pre school. When i first visited Crescent for inquiry purpose, i was given all necessary information in a very kind and polite manner. I was explained everything about school and how pre-schooling should be by princial, Shilpa Shah.

About School:
Crescent is second home to the kids. They love to be there. Reason is simple. They get home-like atmosphere. Principal (Shilpa Shah) and teachers come outside to welcome all children while they come to school and go back to home. Such kind of warm welcome is required when it is a matter of inviting children towards you. They give them breakfast everyday in different color bowls. They teach them good manners. They give them lots of toys to play with. They let them do lots of activities, making each minute of school hours; fun and learning process. They keep them busy.

About Principal:
Shilpa Shah is a principal of Crescent Pre Primary School. It is her brain-child that she started in 1990 and grown up with time. She is a wonderful person. She is not just a principal but actually a kind of grandmother to all children at Crescent. She cares for all of her students. She personally knows them and take care of them. She is very gentle and polite. Important part about her is that she is not greedy about expanding her brand and generating money. She only knows that she wants to make and keep her little students happy and satisfy parents by giving their children the best of the education world. Despite of being a Principal / Owner of the school, she always stand at the gate to welcome students everyday and hence we can have a direct words with her any time we want. That is the best quality that no other school offer. Hats off to her for having “down to earth” nature.

About Staff:
All staff members are nice and treating children well. They are always smiling and very friendly. They guide parents if they are lacking on something to educate their children at home. They are honest and always give correct information.

Salient Features:
– 2 Shifts (Morning/Afternoon)
– Daily Breakfast / Lunch
– Picnics (3-4 times a year)
– Field Trips, Horse Riding, Puppet Shows
– Regular Parents Meeting
– Festival Celebrations
– Festival Gifts to all Students
– Navratri Garba Celebration
– Christmas Celebration
– Mothers’ Picnics
– No Chocolate Policy (Any Gift but No Chocolates)

The only thing i dislike (for everybody else, this could be positive/good but not for us) is their long picnic hours. For secondary or may be primary kids, 6 to 7 hours of picnic is fine but they become very long hours for pre primary students. Reason is simple. They are not used to of being exposed to the environment for so many hours outside home, they are still very hesitant to talk (and to ask) for what they want (eg: water, food, or to take them for nature’s call), they are not willing to walk or sit for longer hours either, they get tired and cry and sometimes get dehydrated too. Crying excessively in outer environment make their throat infected and it is surely not a good sign for their health. So, for us it is a negative but we know, it would be like this in every school and hence no personal regrets for this particular institution but somebody MUST understand and change this.

Overall, there are endless features that we like about Crescent. It is a kind of whole year of activities and ‘fun with learn’ world for kids. That makes them creative, active and smart. Crescent Pre Primary School is the best in its class. We like the school and we are very much satisfied with their service.

Now he is in Junior KG and we have even more experience of the school and hence sharing more. There are some drawbacks such as changing class teachers, burden of home work, fortnight Saturday school hours etc. We as elders take a little more time to adjust with strangers then how can we expect kids to adjust so easy and quick? We are facing this issue twice in 3 years. Once in Pre-Nursery and again in Jr KG; class teachers keep changing! How can we even get an appropriate progress report on parents meeting when a class teacher is changed! We understand that this is not a major issue or we shouldn’t be bothered about their internal management (who comes for what) but for kids it is a bit tough. They first become friendly with a class teacher assigned for their class and then they suddenly change and kids again have to adjust and they keep asking us at home that why the previous one isnt coming now! What do we say? How do we convince them or make them understand about the changes? We understand that the kids need to be used to of this too but why to do things which arent not so necessary?

Now about home work. I admit at first – it is good but there are some drawbacks too. I was thinking (before taking admission to ANY school) that these few years prior to 1st standard are all about having fun and even if we go a step ahead; would be learn-with-fun but never ever expected home work from Jr KG itself! Imagine, a kid sitting hardly for food, playing indoor games and other home activities then how tough would be to make them sit for homework? After finishing your own school, do you even like to do your office work at home? then how come such a little kid would enjoy home work? i understand, that these are for their further education in big schools as they will get homework there (from 1st Standard may be) but let it be, why to throw a burden now?

We wear modern dresses, talk modern, eat modern then why still doing things traditional? isnt more schools now put much weight on practical-learning then just writing (homework)? There should be no school bag, no uniform, no homework, no tuition at least till 4th standard now. There should be all the way practical learning format. I dont know when this would change! There are 2-3 page homework everyday! My son, Kavil is understanding kid and we make him doing it everyday but we dont like him doing. When we look at his face and reactions – they arent pleasing experience. During these early stages, we should encourage them to do things they enjoy doing rather putting pressure and then later they completely stop enjoying them! (imagine getting habituated for homework at the age of 3-4 Year and then next till 12th standard they get homework) this means starting from the age of 3 to the age of 17 years = 14 years of home work?

do you like to keep doing office work at home for 14 years consecutively?

Now about school hours during Saturday. For pre-nursery and nursery; they have holidays during weekend (both Saturdays and Sundays) but for Jr KG and Sr KG they have holidays only on fortnight Saturdays (and all Sundays of course) – OK, it is good but cant they increase number of hours instead of adding a fortnight Saturday? That helps kid to sit more and be more patient rather getting them used to of ODD schedule. 1 Saturday get up early and another, get up late! Are we as an elder like odd schedules? If not, how can a toddler likes? It is tough for parents to make them sleep early and get up early for fortnight Saturdays to manage their timings! If giving training and as there are more (to study) is a purpose of having a Saturday opened, then why school hours are all same for Pre-Nursery and Sr KG students? They are 2:30 hours for all. If 2:30 hours are for Pre-Nursery then shouldn’t there be more hours for Sr KG students as they have more work to do!

There is no “Feedback” systems in any school. It wasnt there in our time but it is ok, there were neither much educated people, nor much awareness about everything. But now, there must be a system of feedback developed in each organization to evaluate themselves too. Education is such a field from where a human being starts learning and how come you just keep doing things you like to do (without asking parents whether they like it or not)? Something to think about, right?

Now about chocolates! I dont know but for an unknown reason, they have started giving chocolates to the students on every occasions now (along with other gifts). It would be really good if they stop this and stick to their policy of “no-chocolates” please.

Now about traffic and over crowd. As they grow, they get more admissions (within same area/space) and hence we now face heavy traffic (on road) and over-crowded school space. I don’t know how would they solve this but would be good if they can do something about this too.

Updates (30 Jul 2014)
We have been informed on parents-teacher meeting day. Now they have a new rule. All students must be in a class before prayer starts. If they are late, they will be considered “absent” for that day! Of course, they would be allowed to sit in a class but will not be mentioned in a register as “present” for that day. Again, a big thumbs-down for this rule. This is a pre-primary school and not a high profile, some degree course running university. This rule is very odd for 3-6 years of kids! They have frequent mood swings than adult school going children. These are not college going students that they understand even a meaning of “rule”. They dont get ready so easily in morning. It is sort of pressure on us to get him ready and make him reach to the school even before time (so that by any chance he doesnt fall short of prayer time). Who will take responsibility if we meet an accident due to this sort of rush? I understand, there should be rules but rules should be adjusted basis on the age, maturity and convenience.

Updates (18 Nov 2014)
They have organized an Annual Day function called “Rangmanch Jshn 2014” on 17 Nov, at Tagore Hall, Paldi. Showtime was 4:15 to 6:30pm (1st show) and 7:15 to 9:30pm (2nd show). All children who participated were practicing at school for the past 1 and half month. They called them all at school even on weekends (Sat/Sunday) for practice. They called them all at Tagore Hall in morning for rehearsal. All children performed so well to make it a grand success. Entire Crescent team has put so much efforts for the past few weeks that made the show such a wonderful treat to watch. Costumes was to be taken from school for which (rental) they charged Rs 400 for each student. They gave 2 passes for parents and asked for Rs 200 for each extra pass if we want. They announced a week of holiday post Annual function. On re-opening (after a week of holiday), they gave a Carom game to all participants as a reward for their delightful performances in their Annual function. We, all parents are thankful to them for very generous way of organizing this whole event. Thumbs up for Crescent. Do you want to check out photos? Click Here.

Updates (21 Jul 2015)
Our son, Kavil is in Sr KG now and today in parents meeting we got to know that they have extended school hours for 30 minutes which is really a good change. Kids need to learn to sit for longer hours as they grow so that from 1st standard they dont find it difficult when they go to big school. Now their school timing is 8:30am to 11:30am for morning and 11:30am to 2:30pm for afternoon (only for Jr KG and Sr KG students) and holidays on all weekends (Saturdays & Sundays). I have suggested this change and they have finally implemented it and hence i become really happy when I come to know about timing got extended. We can now plan and enjoy all weekends with our little one 🙂

This review is about my “thoughts” for the school he is studying into. This doesnt mean that i want them to read and forcefully make changes what i want (have written here) but it would be good if they can bring a drastic change in the SYSTEM. They cant keep doing what they have been doing since long when they have started this venture almost 2 decade ago!

They’re doing almost everything fantastic. If they make few changes, upgrade themselves and theywould be on the top of the education world! There is no school like Crescent in Ahmedabad. They’re the best of the lot.

Want to know more about school? Watch some of the videos from my personal collection:

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