Share Opinions. Read Experiences. Discuss Realities.

We have freedom to speak about what we are using. Be it either products or services of different brands or from different companies.

Imagine, if we have freedom to showcase our opinions on TV or in Newspapers (without paying hefty price)!

We cannot do that as it costs us more than our products/services we want to show to the world. What if you want to show your like or dislike about a pen brand or fan brand that you’re using on TV or in Newspaper to say it to the world. What they charge us is higher than our products/services cost.

This website is a medium to an open-to-all approach. We write and we share our opinions and likes/dislikes to the world without paying a single penny.

How good it is. How helpful it is.

Consumers should have power to express their experiences/feedback towards the brands (of products or services) they use. Companies usually ignore this so that other customers can never know what others have been through.

This initiative shows them that consumers are still king and can change their fortune by sharing their experiences of using their products or services.

So if you like or dislike anything, speak it here, speak it loudly. Read and share.

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