Get Your Events Featured:

Are you an event organizer? Do you want to get yourself featured online and reach to the Global audience? Get in touch with us. We will give you a visit when you’re hosting your event and get you featured, immediately. Usually, event managers do a marketing of their events before they are hosting but then they forget about “repeat audience” post events. Yes, there is over 40% of chances in getting repeat audience / customers post events too. Those people, we could not make it to the event venue or want to memorize about what they have seen in the past, there is no scope of finding them online at all. So, let us know about your event and we will make an opportunity for you to capture back repeat audience. You can see the events we have featured so far. If you like to hire us for professional services, please have a look at our Professional Photography in Ahmedabad section to check our our affordable Photography prices.

What Else We Do?

We want to provide an online platform for review of products and services. We offer to read and watch reviews of your favorite brand and decide to shop with them if you are satisfied. Our review service is affordable to business owners and honest to customers.

We showcase with photos and videos along with contact details. We write contents that best suit the nature of businesses and that helps to grow with online presence.

Which media do you think is affordable today? Television, Radio, Newspaper, Hoardings, Magazines, Flyers and few other Online Websites? Are they really affordable for marketing? Answer is, NO. They are extremely expensive.

We offer marketing services at very affordable rates which are not for a day or a month but for years! How exciting it is to showcase your products/services for longer duration. It retains your brand value and also reaches to the larger audience. Our concept is very creative to leave a strong impression.

Please get in touch with us to know our 3 simple packages. We would be happy to assist you to select the best for your business. We want to grow and we want you to grow along with us. Let’s grow together.